1st Lt. Eric Fisher Wood Jr. Memorial Bridge
Rep. Jesse Topper (R-Bedford/Franklin/Fulton) held a ceremony to dedicate the Imlertown Road bridge over Imlertown Run in Bedford Township for U.S. Army 1st Lt. Eric Fisher Wood Jr.

On Dec. 17, 1944, during the Battle of Bulge, Wood was separated from his unit, listed as missing in action and presumed dead. However, Wood was not dead. He joined up with fellow American troops in Belgium and continued to fight the Nazi menace. According to one account, Wood and the group killed more than 200 Nazi soldiers before he was killed in late January 1945. His body was discovered in the woods surrounded by seven dead Germans. It is believed Wood, who was alone, killed the seven Nazis before succumbing to his fatal wounds.

For his valor, Wood was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Belgian Croix de Guerre and the Purple Heart Medal.

Wood is an example of the American spirit of fighting an evil ideology, never giving up despite heavily uneven odds and self-sacrifice for the cause of freedom.