Hess Issues Statement on Advancement of Budget
Rep. Dick Hess (R-Bedford) today issued the following statement in the passage of the House version of the state budget:
“I voted against this budget proposal simply because it increases spending by more than 7 percent. This type of increase is almost three times the rate of inflation. This is not a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.”
“On Tuesday, House Republicans offered an amendment to bring the spending increase to just under 2 percent. On a party-line vote, our amendment failed 96 – 102, signaling the Democrats’ desire to increase spending and taxes on the people of Pennsylvania.”
“Since taking office in 2003, Gov. Ed Rendell has increased spending over the past four years by 34 percent. This type of spending will negatively impact the people of Pennsylvania in the coming years.
“We have a responsibility in state government to spend the people’s money wisely and efficiently and the budget adopted today is further evidence of out-of-control spending by the Rendell administration.”
Rep. Dick Hess
78th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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