Hess Sponsors Resolution to Raise Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis
Working toward finding a cure for multiple sclerosis, the state House has unanimously passed a resolution sponsored by Rep. Dick Hess (R-Bedford/Fulton) that raises awareness of the disease and marks the week of March 10 through 17, 2008, as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
“This is a debilitating disease that affects thousands of Pennsylvanians,” Hess said. “We need to do all we can to work toward finding a cure to end the suffering of its victims.”
Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease of the central nervous system that affects an estimated 400,000 Americans, with more than 200 cases diagnosed each week nationwide.
According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), more than 19,000 Pennsylvanians are affected by this disease, which is the fifth highest incidence rate across the country.
“It is sad to see how this disease affects individuals and families,” Hess said. “With no known cure, it is bothersome to see these people suffer.”
With no known cause, multiple sclerosis generally strikes young adults ages 20 through 50, attacking them in the prime of their lives. Some of these people experience tremendous suffering and pain, leading to total paralysis in some cases.
“It is my hope that we can raise awareness and support to fight this disease,” Hess said. “Although many treatments are available, it is incumbent upon us to work toward finding a cure. I encourage the citizens of Pennsylvania to take part in the fight against multiple sclerosis.”
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