Reduced Automobile Registration Fee Available to Retired Citizens, Says Hess

Retired Pennsylvanians whose incomes are below $19,200 are permitted to register one passenger vehicle or non-commercial light truck at a reduced fee with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), said Rep. Dick Hess.


“This program benefits retired senior citizens living on fixed incomes,” Hess said.  “The reduced automobile registration fee helps seniors to maintain their independence while keeping their living expenses under control.”


Hess noted that instead of the regular registration fee, retired Pennsylvanians pay a $10 processing fee; however, this discount does not apply to title fees, transfer fees or sales tax.  Eligible applicants must be retired and receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), retirement benefits or other pensions and annuities.  Other sources of income, such as interest, capital gains, business income, rental income, wages, public assistance, unemployment compensation, cash gifts, life insurance and death benefits must be considered when calculating total income.


To be eligible for the retired status processing fee, the vehicle must be titled and registered in the individual’s name.  If the vehicle is registered to two people, at least one of the registrants must meet the eligibility requirements.  The person submitting the application must be the principal driver of the vehicle unless physically or mentally incapable of driving.  Only one vehicle with a registered gross weight not exceeding 9,000 pounds may be registered at the reduced fee per person.


To obtain additional information about the reduced vehicle registration fee program, contact Hess’ Bedford office at 814-623-9097, his McConnellsburg office at 717-485-4430, or visit his website at


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